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Welcome to

The Lizzes Podcast

Liz Carroll and Liz Knowles

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About us

We are Liz Carroll and Liz Knowles, two Irish fiddle players.

The basis of our friendship began in and around Irish music and over the years, we have toured together, produced albums together, and chatted endlessly about teaching, composing, and arranging. During the pandemic, we spent even more time chatting via phone, FaceTime and Zoom and at one point, One Liz suggested that we start recording these chats and the other Liz said "yes!" and now we're inviting you to listen in on our calls! 


We never ran out of things to chat about and we continue to hit the record button so we invite you to listen and support us on this journey! We plan to "drop" episodes monthly so stay tuned!


All the best,
Liz and Liz


   The Show

Liz and Liz have always loved to chat and now you get to listen in!!


The first episodes of The Lizzes are very much rooted in "pandemic times" and you will hear them facing up to and dealing with all that was happening to their musical lives as the world came to a halt. There is seriousness here but lots of laughter as well. This time was also a period of great introspection, exploring, both out of necessity and out of curiosity, new and different creative musical thinking. Their chats became a place to ask questions and reflect on various topics, some of which they had only ever thought about in passing. (See episodes about the Kesh Jig!) 

Topics range from life to creativity to practicing and teaching to recording to auto-biographical details you might not already know about them.


Liz and Liz hope that future episodes might be expanded to feature guests!

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Producer & Host

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Producer & Host


Victor Sanders 

Liz Knowles


Liz Carroll

Liz Knowles


Beanie Odell


Liz Knowles

and the WIX platform

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